IRSP Faculty Affiliate Profile:
M. Belinda Tucker
Department of Psychiatry & Biobehavioral Sciences
Center for Culture and Health
SBG Box 62 - Semel Institute
760 Westwood Plaza
Campus Mailcode: 175919
Phone: (310) 794-3669

My research program has several goals: 1) to understand the changing character, role, and functions (social and psychological) of family in this society generally, and how they may be differentially experienced by distinct cultural groupings, 2) to understand the roots of such changes and their impact on communities and individuals, 3) to understand the role of race/ethnicity in the formation and course of couple relationships (e.g., inter-ethnic), and 4) to examine the link between close personal relationships and psychological well-being.

Selected Publications:

Tucker, M. B. (2003). Intimate Relationships and Psychological Well-being. In D. R. Brown and V. M. Keith (Eds.). In and out of our right minds. New York: Columbia University Press.

James, A., & Tucker, M. B. 2003). Racial Ambiguity And Relationship Formation in the United States: Theoretical and Practical Considerations. Journal of Social and Personal Relationships, 20, 153-169.

Tucker, M. B., & Mitchell-Kernan, C. (Eds.) (1995). The decline in marriage among African Americans: Causes, consequences and policy implications. New York: Russell Sage Foundation.

Selected Courses:
Psychiatry/Psychology M238: The Use of Survey Research Techniques in Psychocultural Studies