IRSP Faculty Affiliate Profile:
Gian Gonzaga
Senior Research Scientist, eHarmony Labs at
Phone: (626) 795-4814
Email: or

My research interests include the role of emotions in close relationships, the predictors of marriage success, the predictors of initial attraction in relationships, social interactions between relationship partners, and measurement of relationship satisfaction. I am currently director of eHarmony labs and am conducting a 600 couple longitudinal study of marriage, developing marital satisfaction measures in other cultures (China), and running studies investigating how romantic partners interact with each other and the implications for that relationship.

Selected Publications:

Gonzaga, G. C., & Haselton, M. G., (in press). The Evolution of Love and Long-term Bonds. To appear in J. Forgas and J. Fitness (Eds.). Social Relationships: Cognitive, Affective, and Motivational Processes (The 10th Sydney Symposium on Social Psychology). Psychology Press: New York.

Gonzaga, G. C., Campos, B., & Bradbury, T. (in press). Similarity, Convergence, and Relationship Satisfaction in Dating and Married Couples. To appear in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology.

Campos, B., Keltner, D., Beck, J. M., Gonzaga, G. C., John, O. P. (2007). Culture and Teasing: The Relational Benefits of Reduced Desire for Positive Self-Differentiation. Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, 33, 3-16.

Taylor, S.E., & Gonzaga, G. C. (in press). Affiliative Responses to Stress: A Social Neuroscience Model. To appear in Social Neuroscience (E. Harmon-Jones & P. Winkielman eds.)

Gable, S. L., Gonzaga, G. C., & Strachman, A. (2006). Will you be there for me when things go right? Social support for positive events. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 91, 904-917.

Gonzaga, G. C., Turner, R. A., Keltner, D., Campos, B. C., & Altemus, M. (2006). Romantic Love and Sexual Desire in Close Bonds. Emotion, 6, 163-179.

Taylor, S. E., Gonzaga, G. C., Klein, L. C., , Hu, P., Greendale, G. A., & Seeman, S. E. (2006). The relation of Oxytocin to Psychological and Biological Stress Response in Older Women. Psychosomatic Medicine, 68, 238-245.

Taylor, S. E., & Gonzaga, G. C. (2006). Evolution, Relationships, and Health: The Social Shaping Hypothesis. In M. Schaller, J. A. Simpson, & D. T. Kenrick (eds.) Evolution and Social Psychology (pp 211-236). New York, Psychology Press.